WOCCOT presented at IoT Healthcare Summit, Bangalore, INDIA

WOCCOT CEO Mr. Narendra Nandekar made a presentation at IoT healthcare summit held on June 17, 2016 at Bangalore, INDIA. The presentation was on “Hospital Automation- Roadmap to IoT adoption for Hospitals”.

Mr. Nandekar was of opinion that Hospitals are a complex ecosystems with hundreds of clinical and business processes made up of thousands of sub-processes. These processes deal with patients, clinicians, staff, devices and information throughout the hospital. Evolution of IoT is making the devices smarter. But to extract complete benefits of IoT, the processes have to be automated and made smarter. The adoption of IoT devices will happen over time in hospitals, but the automation has to be started now with proper planning to gradually mature into an IoT Hospital.

The conference had other speakers from IoT Device Manufacturers, IoT Solutions providers, System Integrators, regulatory boards and Hospital Associations


Free exchange of ideas & concepts were witnessed at the panel discussion of IoT Healthcare summit 2016. The panel included: Mr. Rajdeep Ghosh (Tech Mahindra) , Mr. Zainul Charbiwala(Tricog), Mr. Narendra Nandekar(WOCCOT) , Mr. Rohit M.A (Cloud 9 hospitals) & Mr. Shaikh Ahmed (Polaris).

The discussion centered on “How technology can facilitate business transformation in Healthcare area”. While everybody agreed upon infusion of technology in healthcare space, diverse opinions were held about its adoption. Mr. Nandekar was of the view that mindset of the providers need a change & technology should not be thrust upon the caregivers. The consensus was that while technically savvy hospitals were open to adopting new technologies, it was the smaller & technically less savvy hospitals where there were real challenges.

The discussion also had a lively Q & A session.

WOCCOT presented at IoT Healthcare Summit, Bangalore, INDIA